Basic but annoying problems

I am performing the Tutorial B1.
Although I have done previous steps well, Tools > [size=150]Encryption Status Monitor[/size] is missing in my CW_Capture software.
ADC Lock led (red ) is still on.


[size=85]Starting FLASH program process at 18:26:05
File C:/chipwhisperer/hardware/victims/firmware/simpleserial-base - lab1/simpleserial-base.hex last changed on Thu May 26 18:03:08 2016
Entering Programming Mode
Detected XMEGA128D4U
Erasing Chip
XMEGA Programming flash…
XMEGA Reading flash…
Verified flash OK, 1533 bytes
Exiting programming mode
FLASH Program SUCCEEDED at 18:26:05[/size]


Sorry on the slow response here - still a problem? The “Encryption Status Monitor” was added as a “Tool” menu option only in the latest GIT repo change… if you are using a release version it’s a button on the “General” tab right now still.

Once there is the next release everything will align correctly.