Can't plot " Output Vs. Time"

I’m working with tutorial “PA_CPA_1-Using_CW-Analyzer_for_CPA_Attack” and I have problems to plot " Output Vs. Time" (also with “PGE vs. Traces” and " Correlation vs. Traces", but I guess they will be solved if I can plot the first one). When I reach the code part:

import holoviews as hv
from holoviews.operation.datashader import datashade, shade, dynspread, rasterize
from holoviews.operation import decimate
import pandas as pd, numpy as np

a = []
b = []
for i in range(0, 16):
data = plot_data.output_vs_time(i)

pda = pd.DataFrame(a).transpose().rename(str, axis=‘columns’)
pdb = pd.DataFrame(b).transpose().rename(str, axis=‘columns’)
curve = hv.Curve(pdb[‘0’], “Sample”).options(color=‘black’)
for i in range(1, 16):
curve *= hv.Curve(pdb[str(i)]).options(color=‘black’)

for i in range(0, 16):
curve *= hv.Curve(pda[str(i)]).options(color=byte_to_color(i))
decimate(curve.opts(width=900, height=600))

I get many warnings saying:
WARNING:param.ParameterizedMetaclass: Use method ‘params’ via param namespace
WARNING:param.BokehRenderer: Use method ‘params’ via param namespace
WARNING:param.NotebookArchive: Use method ‘params’ via param namespace

And then the kernel dies. How can I solve this?

IIRC this is a version mismatch between holoviews and something else. Try uninstalling and reinstalling holoviews as per:

I finally unistalled and installed chipwhisperer again and now its working smoothly.