Change IO Pins of Chip Whisperer

Hello i´m working with the Chip Whisperer Lite and now i want to break off the Arm target and connect my own target.
I use some GPIO´s from my new target to output if i have glitch successe, reset and normal states.
Now i need some Input Pin´s on the Chip Whisperer side.

Can i use the IO´s from CW Lite which are used for Serial Communication(IO1/2 Serial Rx/Tx) or the pdic and pdid pin and reprogram them to input pins? Or are there some unused Pins i can implement/activate for my application? Can i use the API Function “GPIOSettings.tioX *” to change the serial rx and tx to High Z input and that´s it??? Or is it easier to use the serial communication and implement it on my custom target?

Thanks and best regards Rik

Hi Rik,

Yup, you can use TIO1-4 as inputs by setting them to "high-z" or None and reading (API — ChipWhisperer 5.6.1 documentation).