Chipshouter with Chipwhisperer

Hi everyone,
I’m playing around with Chipshouter. I’ve done some glitches, but now I need more timing precision so I’ll use a Chipwhisperer as external trigger.

I’ve some questions about the integration between Chipwhisperer ad Chipshouter.
Until now, I’ve used the chipshouter API to do some glitches, in particular i’ve learned that:

  1. with cs.pulse.width I can set value for pulse width
  2. with cs.pulse.repeat I can set value for number of pulses per trigger
  3. with cs.pulse.voltage I can set the Voltage.

If I’ll use the Chipwhisperer as external trigger I need to do the same, right?

As I know, If i want to use Chipwhisperer as external trigger, i need to set:
scope.glitch.trigger_src = “ext_single”
scope.glitch.output = "enable_only
for a properly working setUp. I’m right?

Last but not least: with this set-up, what scope.glitch.repeat does? If the length and the number of the pulses are set into the Chipshouter with pulse.width and pulse.repeat, witch is the influence of scope.glitch.repeat?