ChipWhisperer-Lite on 64bit OpenSUSE Thumbleweed


My ChipWhisperer-Lite (CWL) arrived a few days ago and finally i have some spare time to play with it.
I want to share my experience with running CWL on 64 bit OS. Here is short log for the installed packages:

zypper install python-numpy python-scipy python-pyside python-pyserial python-usb 

There is no python-pyqtgraph package so I installed from sources.

CWCapture is working with the following minor warning at start:

But they are only warnings - I can’t see any missing images.

The Analyzer is working too with just an small issue that I think is fixable - when I try to display “Output vs Point” graphs I am hitting the following:

Probably there is Pyhon module that is too newer

And at the end I would like to share that the zero byte of the AES demo is detected on PGE 38 all other are on PGE 0. I do not know is it normal or something to worry for.

Thank you for the great device. Later I will try to fire an VM and track all needed package dependencies (probably there are other python modules that are already installed).

Best Regards,

Hi Ant,

Ah for the “byte 0” error - there some some error in the default script, where the offset is a little too large. So you don’t end up capturing some of the AES operation… if you change the “offset” parameter to something about ~250 points smaller it should work perfectly!

Thanks for the notes & hints! I’ll look into the “ColorDialog” error too… that might indeed be an API change somewhere, but doesn’t sound too serious.

Let me know of any other issues/questions!

Warm Regards,


Hi Colin,

I just want to follow up that there is still error about missing colorInt on the console but graphs are displayed. I don’tt know if something is fixed during system update or some python modules were not properly initialized on the previous run.

Here is the console dump for my current session with the CWAnalyzer. I am still learning the interface but I do not see anything missing or malfunctioning. So nothing urgent, just to let you know how it behave…

Kind Regards,

Hi ant,

Much appreciate the full report! Will try to recreate the error here, as at least it looks ugly :wink: