Clock glitches don't work for CW1173 ChipWhisperer-Lite


During performing the tutorial of clock glitches which was shown in:


the manual trigger and external trigger don’t work. For example, If I use glitch1 which will print ‘1234’ in case of glitches, by pressing on the manual glitch or the external glitch, the green light doesn’t flash that indicates that the program (glitch1) didn’t start and I get this message:
Warning: Time out in OpenADC Capture, trigger forced and I get this image

By using external trig: single shot, I have the same message of warning and I get this trace

I use the following configurations:

scope = self.scope

target =

except NameError:


scope.glitch.clk_src = ‘clkgen’

scope.gain.gain = 45

scope.adc.samples = 3000

scope.adc.offset = 0

scope.adc.basic_mode = "rising_edge"

scope.clock.clkgen_freq = 7370000

scope.clock.adc_src = "clkgen_x4"

scope.trigger.triggers = "tio4" = "serial_rx" = "serial_tx" = "glitch"

target.go_cmd = ""

target.key_cmd = ""

target.output_cmd = "$GLITCH$"

In order to force the trigger, I press on the capture and then I do check signature to force the program to start and to trig the glitch module, I got this figure that indicates that there is something looks like the glitch


The reason your glitches aren’t working is that in the glitch1() firmware, the target automatically triggers after a reset, then goes into an infinite loop. This means that you need to reset the target after arming the scope as described at

The videos for the tutorials are pretty out of date, so it’s recommended that you follow the wiki tutorial instead.


I am very thankful for the reply. I did this part related to resetting the target. However, I get this figure of glitching, which is different from the tutorial

Can you check to make sure the ADC DCM is locked? If it isn’t, you’ll get strange power readings.

If you’re unable to get that to work, you can probably skip that section of the tutorial. Looking at power traces often isn’t very helpful for glitching.