Crowbar Transistor close to target


I’d like to move the crowbar transistor for voltage glitching as close to the target as possible.
Therefore I figured I should connect the HS2 Output via SMA and coax to the transistor.

Has anyone done something like that before? Is it worth the effort?
Should I care about impedance matching when the coax length is just ~20cm?


Hi Jones,

I’ve somewhat found it depends on the target - often closer is helpful, but I’ve also had targets where I played with the coax length to get effective faults (basically the coax length can change ringing etc). I wouldn’t worry about impedance matching for this purpose either.

But you’ll get a sharper glitch if you can move closer!

FYI - JP8 also has the glitch-out signal as well on it, if you enable the “hp” glitch output:

Can be useful in case you are using HS2 for something else.