CW1173 installation instructions OLD

Hi i’m trying to instal the CW1173from the casingbox info…
Http:// leading to … to …
…/installing_chipwhisperer to…
AutomaticWindowsInstaller: ChipWhisperer v3.5.1 …
leading to nowhere!?
Where to download?

Some months ago I could find the v5.2.1 but is that for CW5?

The new location for installation instructions is here:

You can find all the releases on GitHub here:

Hi thanks for the info,
It seems like I already had the newest version.
I did manage to instal the software and the USB Driver.
Powershell doesn’t recognise the command lune:
“Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux”.
What to do?

This is to install WSL, which requires Windows 10.
Make sure you run powershell as admin.
If you don’t have Windows 10, your best option will be the VM install.