CW1200 reports it's glitching, but it's not

This post is a heads up.
With the newest CW1200 FW (released september 2020) I’ve been able to get the CW1200 into a state where it reports it’s armed, triggered and the glitch counter is counting, but no glitch voltage glitch in ‘enable_only’ is occuring.

I’m not sure if I can reproduce this issue/take the time to investigate.
Fix for me was to roll back the FW to previous release, and install and old chipwhisperer python version (v=5.1.3) works for me.

Setup when failing:
Clkgen output on HS2
Reading I/O state on tio1-4
Trigger glitch on rising edge tio4
CW python 5.3 (newest from pip first week of September 2020)


Thanks for reporting this. This is the first firmware update in a long time, so there might be some things we missed with it. I’ll try to see if we can reproduce the issue.


Hi, getting to this now.

I’m having trouble replicating. In the situation you describe, are you expecting to see a glitch output? Is the scope timing out?