CW305 expansion header connections

I am trying to connect a few signals from my target design, which is in FPGA in CW305 now, to expansion header.
In FPGA constraint file ihave then connected to A12, A14, A15, C12 B15 . Looking at the CW305 schematic page 13 it seems to me that those signals are now in JP3 PINS 5,7,9,11,13 which i assume are in left topside of expansion header.

However, the markings in CW 305 board are somehow different. for example B15 is on the right side of the connector.

So whch one is correct, the schematic or themarkings in the actual board?
And are the markings A12, A14 etc referring to FPGA pins at all?

Regards , Sirpa

Yes, the markings on the JP3 header are correct, and they do refer to the FPGA pins. A12, A14, A15 and C12 are indeed on the top left-hand side of JP3.

But B15 is IO10, which is on the right side, as labelled.