CW308 Changing Targets Boards

Hey there, this is a quick feedback.

Changing targets on the CW 308 is proving hard. Even with the 308 target removers, the connectors are so tight they require a lot of force to come on or off.

The target removers also appear to not be large enough, as the leverage they provide is not enough to actually release the target.

Pictures showing the removers go all the way down and still not enough to release the targets:

Hi Bruno, are you going around each corner a couple of times, as shown in the video here:

Hi Jean-Pierre, yes I watched the video several times to confirm.

The picture shows only one side but I did it for all 4 sides and then I couldn’t remove it by hand without significant force.

To actually remove the target with the tool, I had to use the other one that came in the kit to increase the height of the leverage.

Maybe the tool got a little shorter or the leg pins on the target were too big.

Hmm… once you have the target fully removed, if you seat it gently on the headers and position the removal tool like in your picture, how far in do the pins go? (With mine, the corner pin next to the tool is just barely in the header)

Not sure if this the pic shows what you mean. I just place the target on top without applying any pressure.

I removed it again now to do this and I had to use the other tool, otherwise the pins don’t lift enough to release the target without pulling hard.

Hi @BForlin - oops looks like you have an old rev of the tool! Indeed that was something with the early versions.

When did you get the boards? Trying to track if it’s just an older version of the board or at some point older revs of the tool got packed.

Does your board have a physical reset button (S9/nRST)?

I brought the board from Mouser 3 weeks ago, and it arrived this week.

It has the physical reset button (S9/nRST) upper right from the ext-dc switch

OK this sounds like we had some stock issue somewhere - let me check inventory here! We’ll send you updated ones, which if we need to order them will be a few weeks unfortunately.

Hey, thanks for that!

It’s not a problem for now, just need to be extra careful.