CW308_STM32F3 simpleserial build failed

Dear. i am using Chipwhisperer.v5.4.0.Setup on Windows and have issues when building FW examples for STM CW308_STM32F3 UFO
SS_VER set to SS_VER_1_1 rm -f – simpleserial-base-CW308_STM32F3.hex rm -f – simpleserial-base-CW308_STM32F3.eep rm -f – simpleserial-base-CW308_STM32F3.cof rm -f – simpleserial-base-CW308_STM32F3.elf rm -f – rm -f – simpleserial-base-CW308_STM32F3.sym rm -f – simpleserial-base-CW308_STM32F3.lss rm -f – objdir/.o rm -f – objdir/.lst rm -f – simpleserial-base.s simpleserial.s stm32f3_hal.s stm32f3_hal_lowlevel.s stm32f3_sysmem.s rm -f – simpleserial-base.d simpleserial.d stm32f3_hal.d stm32f3_hal_lowlevel.d stm32f3_sysmem.d rm -f – simpleserial-base.i simpleserial.i stm32f3_hal.i stm32f3_hal_lowlevel.i stm32f3_sysmem.i . Welcome to another exciting ChipWhisperer target build!!

sh: 1: arm-none-eabi-gcc: not found make: *** […/./ gccversion] Error 127

What version arm-none-eabi-gcc for Windows needed for builiding examples FW?