CW5: Serial losses with CW1200 and CW308


I seem to be having some issues with Chipwhisperer 5 (git commit(s): 24d29540 and bca19c4f) with receiving serial communications from a Chipwhisperer Pro connected to a CW308 board, with both the XMEGA and STM32F3 targets. There seems to be some loss with any serial communication between the Chipwhisperer and the target, and I’m reasonably sure that it is occurring on the CW1200 end. I’ve probed the TX/RX lines with a logic analyzer, and the results are as expected, with the proper response from the DUT (this was verified on the simpleserial-base firmware, but a similar thing happens on just about all of the other notebooks that I have tried.).

Any suggestions? (This is crossposted with issue #216 on the github page, and active updates will probably be there)