CWCapture v3.5.4,gui bug

During execution of tutorial B3, moving between the XMEGA programmer, the terminal (CWcapture.pyw) and the mainGUI (CWCapture) and error occurs that prevents completion. When initiating the “Capture 1”, it inserts a ascii ‘v’ character and a newline into the terminal window. An effort to capture the correct password always fails as ‘v’ is sent as the password (as does any attempt to use other incorrect passwords other then ‘v’). I could not locate the reason for this error in the source code. Everything works fine when reverting back to v3.4.0.


This is caused by new functionality in the simpleserial protocol( python code + xmega code) to auto discover the version of the software running on the xmega board.

The “easy” way to work around this is to disable this auto detection in the serial gui.