Difference between Level 2 Starter and new Whisperer Pro

what will be the major difference between the
“Side-Channel & Glitching Starter Pack (Level 2)” and the upcoming rev 2
of the ChipWhisperer-Pro ?

If it is just the FPGA, I would not mind waiting fo it, but if it is more and you say its worth waiting :wink:


I don’t think that comparison of Starter Pack and new ChipWhisperer-Pro is good idea, because Starter pack contains not only ChipWhisperer board, but more other items.
However I am also waiting for ChipWhisperer-Pro announce and I’ll be glad to know killer features of new model. Or at least the date of announce.


Hey there,

Jagang is right - the starter packs are a ChipWhisperer Lite (2 part version) with a couple of extra toys (probes, targets, cables, etc). The real comparison to make here is between the Lite and the Pro capture boards.

I’m not allowed to leak any info about the ChipWhisperer Pro… Maybe Colin can swoop in and tell us some juicy details?

Update: you might be interested in this video…

The “newsletter archive” contains some info about the to-be-released Whisperer Pro:

  • Larger sample buffer (98K samples) vs. CW-Lite (24K sample).
  • Streaming mode for sample rates < 10MS/s, allows millions (or more) of samples. Perfect for asymmetric crypto attacks.
  • Trigger based on analog patterns in waveform (trigger on the power trace itself).
  • Trigger based on serial or SPI data.
  • Downsample ADC to compress samples (this feature is backported to CW-Lite too).
  • Extra aux I/O SMA to use as trigger in/out.

Additional info about the Pro from the “catalogue 2016”:

  • Larger FPGA (almost 5x larger)
  • over-voltage protection on inputs
  • robust aluminum enclosure
  • better shielding for the ADC giving a slightly better SNR and SFDR