different wave betweet different PCBA

HI coflynn

i made one chip whisperer-lite by myself i buy the chips from digi key and assmble them by myself and i buy one from newae.com
after compare them

i find 2 qustions

1: my wave is diffrent from your wave.
it seems that my wave have LNA or my wave have low ADC accuracy

i do not know why my wave is different from yours,and which one is better it seems that your wave have a high ADC accuracy
maybe my openadc have some wrong settings

could you help me about the different?

i have sent email to you but got no answer
thank you very much

Missed this one in my earlier response blitz, getting back now sorry! Did you solve the problem in the end? I assumed it may be some soldering issue, as hard to say with self-built what else might be wrong.