Error when running Breaking Hardware AES on CW305 FPGA

I am trying to run the demo case “PA_HW_CW305_1-Attacking_AES_on_an_FPGA” with chipwhisperer-lite and CW305
Following the step in jupyter, I meeting the error below:

And the red LED on chipwhisperer keep lighting after this step.
I am not sure whether it will influence the next steps or not, but I still show it here.

I ignore the error above and keep follow the steps in the demo project, then I meet the “ADC failed to lock” problem.
I follow the suggestion under the ADC locked setting block several times, but it does not work.

By the way, the version of chipwhisperer I use is 5.5.1.

How can I solve this problem?

Oops, some recent updates inadvertently broke this, thanks for flagging this.
We’ll update the release shortly; in the meantime you can apply the fix below, or revert to an older release.

Hi jpthibault,

Thank you.
This is work for me.