Ext Trigger Offset range?

What is the maximum value for Ext Trigger Offset? I seem to be able to set the offset to big number in scope setting but when set it in glitch explorer parameter the GUI only accept range 0-1000000.

In the OpenADC Verilog file, the relevant line is

output [31:0]  trigger_offset

ie: the trigger offset is 32 bits wide, so the maximum possible value is 4294967295. The glitch module really shouldn’t put any limits on this, but it has no idea which values make sense for each parameter, so it has a blanket limit of 1E6. I’ll add this to the develop branch for now.

I completely removed the ranges here. You can switch to the develop branch to use this - everything is stable right now so you shouldn’t have any issues. Let me know if you need help with this.

That works. Thank you for the quick fix.