Issue with EXTCLK

I’m having a hard time setting the ADC Clock to EXTCLK x4. I always get ADC Freq = 0.0 Mhz. DCM Locked does not check. Note that Freq Counter is always set to 0.0 Mhz. I have followed the instructions of Tutorial 4.2. I succedded the first time I did the tutorial, but I haven’t been able to make it work again. I found that it always works when I use the script ChisWhisperer-Rev2: After using the script, I click Refresh Status in Clock Setup and the Freq Counter switches from 0.0 Mhz to 7.37 Mhz. Any idea of what might go wrong?

First off - sorry on the slow reply! For some reason this forum wasn’t notifying me of posts :confused: Yikes…

Did you hit the ‘Reset’ button? That is needed when the clock has changed, since the DCM blocks will lose lock. The refresh just updates the status, but doesn’t cause the DCM block to relock.