Jupyter notebook build bug

when i am running the “Building and uploading FIrmware”
i am getting this error:
…/./simpleserial/simpleserial.c:18: warning: “CRC” redefined
18 | #define CRC 0xA6
In file included from c:\chipwh~1\cw\home\portable\avrgcc\avr-gcc-10.1.0-x64-windows\avr\include\avr\io.h:552,
from …/./hal/hal.h:93,
from …/./simpleserial/simpleserial.c:5:
c:\chipwh~1\cw\home\portable\avrgcc\avr-gcc-10.1.0-x64-windows\avr\include\avr\iox128d3.h:2239: note: this is the location of the previous definition
2239 | #define CRC (*(CRC_t ) 0x00D0) / Cyclic Redundancy Checker */

how can this issue be resolved?


That’s just a warning, you should be safe to ignore it.

thanks but those the value of the CRC wont effect the deciphering of the message?

It shouldn’t. That CRC is only for SS_V2 anyway, so you definitely won’t run into problems if you use the default communication method.


Hi @Alex_Dewar,
I also get the same warning as posted.
I tested the input and output, which was correct. But I wish to know why this warning occurs.
I use Chipwhisperer Pro and SS_VER=SS_VER_1_1.
I have also used Chipwhisperer Lite, in older GUI version, I remember I give check CRC manually to get it verified.

It would be of great help if you could clarify me on this.

The warning occurs because in that version of the software, both SimpleSerial and the Xmega firmware #define CRC. The firmware doesn’t use the Xmega one and SSV1.1 doesn’t use the simpleserial one (though the correct simpelserial one will take precedence in simpleserial.c). The simpleserial crc has since been renamed to CW_CRC.

It’s just something that probably should (and since has) be changed, but that doesn’t cause any issues and is safe to ignore.

Ok, Thank You for your clarification @Alex_Dewar .