Kinda lost in versions


I started using CW again after a while and I am kinda lost. I would like to use the most recent version and I would like to be able to follow some tutorials. On the wiki the versions 3 , 4 and 5 are kinda really mixed up.
python2 v.s. python3 , using notebook v.s. using the ui v.s. scripting-examples.

I also do not want to use a virtual machine or similar (tried building the vagrant image but failed).

Is notebook the way forward for serious research?


Sorry for the confusion regarding the wiki and what version to use, we’re kind of in a transition state between CW4/Python 2 and CW5/Python 3.

CW5/Python 3 uses the Jupyter notebooks and is the future of ChipWhisperer. It has most of the features of ChipWhisperer 4 (including project and Analyzer support) and should work well enough for most use cases, but it isn’t quite ready for a full release. It uses Jupyter Notebooks instead of a GUI try to make it easier to transition to using the Python API (it also has a few more advantages, such as allowing us to automatically test tutorials), since the notebooks themselves are just blocks of Python code.

All of the tutorials on the Wiki are for CW4 (though there’s a few CW3 only ones that should probably be removed at some point). For CW5, all the tutorials are implemented in the notebooks instead.

Personally, if you’re comfortable with Python, I’d recommend using CW5 since it’s faster in some areas and doesn’t have any of the GUI bugs that CW4 does. Installation instructions can be found on the Wiki. The best way to install the non-VM version is to follow the Manual Install instructions and the installing from Git instructions.

Let me know if you run into any issues,


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