NAE-CW1200-KIT availability


Is the NAE-CW1200-KIT available anywhere? Mouser states the first delivery date to be in 2023.

Is this just their database out of sync or a production bottleneck?

Thank you

Due to supply chain disruptions and inability to get parts, the ChipWhisperer-Pro (NAE-CW1200-KIT) is out of stock. The next production run is unknown but the plan is to release a new version later this year.

The most similar product on the market right now is the Level 2 Kit. We don’t have any stock at the moment, and the timing for our next production run is unknown because we are trying to source multiple components.

However, Mouser does currently have stock of the L2 kits so if you’re interested, I would recommend purchasing directly from Mouser. You can contact them directly to purchase or receive a quote. Our products are sold for the same price on our web store and through Mouser.

We have a new product, ChipWhisperer-Husky, being released through Crowd Supply in the coming weeks and this product offers major feature upgrades compared to the CW-Lite but at a lower price point than the Pro. You will be able to use the Husky with the L2 kit contents.


Hi Jean-Pierre,

I imagined so. Thanks for the reply!

I will keep an eye out for the Husky.