Problem with firmware update in ChipWhisperer Pro

I updated the firmware on my ChipWhisperer Pro. Your documentation about firmware updates lists the options: lite, nano and cw305. The most similar to the Pro is the Lite. There is really not much of a difference. Also the Python tool showed the firmware in chipwhisperer-lite directory as the default firmware. As it was not possible to specify the hardware as pro or cw1200 and the tool confirmed that there should be a lite firmware loaded I provided “lite” as hardware parameter. Now the brick is dark, shows up as USB product ace2 and can’t be set into bootloader mode. I guess it is not really bricked, but just the python stuff is not expected to find this sw/hw combination. So how to I get it into the bootloader?


NB: Debian 10

Following this post, as I was able to encounter the same issue.
I found this post from earlier. Will try to short some pins later today.

Thanks for the link. I’ll try that.

This worked for me :slight_smile:
However note the pins in the CW1200 pcb.

Shortening the ERASE vias did nothing. So thanks for the alternative. Will try it when I am back hiking.

Or maybe before hiking…

It is back to working. Thanks!

I prepared a guide about how you can reboot the firmware manually. If jupyter firmware methods do not work to resolve your problem, this method works. I prepared this guide for the beginners, and explained step by step-please see attached. Thanks! (551.5 KB)