Problems in Debugging a Project

I am using System Workbench for STM32 and a ST-LINK for debugging. I follow the tutorials here and succeed in building a project and enter the debug mode.

However, when the project goes to the loop to recieving the command sent from Jupyter, it cannot enter the right fuction added in simpleserial_addcmd(). It just stuck in the while loop. It seems like the project doesn’t do the job after 0x0800230c



I do run the jupyter of target.send_cmd('a', 0x00, bytearray(skf[0])) when I enter the simpleserial_get(), so are there any error in my operation?

And the second one is I used both the 20 pins on CW308 here, so in debug mode, which one is used for getting the commands sent from jupyter?

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Do you have experience with running a debugger on a embedded processor? It might be useful to start with target firmware which is known to work properly (for example our basic simpleserial-aes which is used by many of our tutorials), to “learn the ropes” with one less variable.

Just guessing from your screenshot: is the target halted? If so it won’t respond to the simpleserial commands you send. Make sure the target is running, then maybe set a breakpoint, and go from there.

(If you know all this already then I apologize!)


I am sorry that I have few experience in running a debugger on a embedded processor and I am now studying on it.

When I running in the while loop, the target is running and then I send the commands to the target it halted. So, I think at this time the target has got the commands, right?

I am not familiar with that and I am sorry if the questions are too silly.


No question is too silly – google “embedded debugging tutorial”, there are tons of resources to learn from.