Problems Opening Chip Whisperer Analyzer


I am having issues opening the Analyzer Tool. The Capturing Tool is working properly and opens fine, but when I go to open the Analyzer application, the window will open, then immediately close. I managed to open it in the command prompt so that I could find the error occurring but the errors are not straight forward for myself.

I have downloaded all the up to date program files i.e. chipwhisperer 0.12RC1 and followed the simple instructions to get things running. Hopefully this is just a silly mistake or small issue.

Thank you in advance for your response, I appreciate your time and efforts!


Oops… the issue is related to a newer version of WinPython, I never fixed that properly. See the following thread: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=76&p=400&hilit=winpython#p400

There is a fix in there for now until I update the release.