Question about glitching hardware

Hello, I am looking into Fault Injection and I started studying the ChipWhisperer Tutorials. The documentation claims some tutorials support CW- Nano, while the majority requires CW-Pro, but there is no reference to CW-Lite. By looking at the specifications of the hardware here, it looks to me the glitching hardware is the same (or at least has the same features) in both Lite and Pro. Can someone confirm I will be able to run the fault 101 and fault 201 labs on my ChipWhisperer Lite? and if I cannot, can someone point me to the hardware differences that would prevent me from running those?


Where do you see the requirement for CW-pro? I can’t see any mention of that, either in the notebooks, or in the documentation. Indeed, the Lite and Pro have the same glitching capabilities; none of our fault labs require a Pro.
BTW here is a handy comparison page for our capture hardware:


Hello, seems like I misunderstood the part where you talk about hw support. Checking again it clearly specify that both ChipWhisperer Lite and Pro are supported. I apologize for wasting your time, thank you for the reply

No worries, I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t out-of-date documentation somewhere.
Happy glitching!