Question about waveform of simple instructions (LAB2_1A)

Hi, I am currently working on a simulation of LAB2_1A.
In LAB2_1A, there is a topic called “simple instruction” , and I have a question about the shape of the waveform when this is executed.
I think this is the waveform of 20 multiplication runs, but when I look at the waveform, there is no such regularity.
Why can’t I see regularity of 20 multiplications after 20 multiplication runs?
Thank you.

Can you show us your power trace?

Thank you for your reply!
This is trace.

I take it you’re using the Arm target. It’s a bit easier to spot the operations on the XMEGA target.
What you can do is look at the value of scope.adc.trig_count after the capture: this gives you the number of power samples that were captured when the target trigger was high. Use this to focus on that part of the power trace. Then, you can recompile the target code for different number of multiplications; comparing a few of these should make things more obvious.