Side-channel & glitching starter pack level 1 vs level 2

What hardware is best to buy to get started in Side Channel Analysis && Glitching… Should I just jump to level 2 right away ?

It really depends what you’re looking to do. Tell me more about your objectives and I can make a suggestion!
Do you anticipate needing an EM probe, differential probe, and voltage level shifters? You’d likely need some of these if you intend to use non-ChipWhisperer targets.


My objectives are just to learn thoses techniques for now… Are there tutorials for em probe as well ? Does those pack comes with explanation ? Or is the tutorial on the wiki. I know there is a video tought explainning the basic I guess…

That is sad my picoscope 3205 is not compatible anymoore :frowning:

You don’t get any extra documentation when you purchase a kit, everything is already online
You can see all tutorials in the repo here, or on readthedocs here.
(There is also a series of tutorials on the wiki, but many of these haven’t been updated for CW5.)

There is no specific tutorial for the EM probe, but there is this:

Regarding Picoscope, see this forum discussion.


Alrights since there is not munch need for EM probe, I think I will begin with level 1 thanks