Some problem in adapt new algorithm array dimension


i adpated new algorithm in CW(Chipwhisperer)

but I ran into one problem.

It works well when sending the algorithm up to this point as a message and printing it out.


However, if I input a function in one line, there is no output.

that function is

top function

My guess is that it’s because you’re using multidimensional arrays.

Do I have to replace the multidimensional array to solve this?



I don’t think your issue is multidimensional arrays. It’s more likely that you’re running into memory issues. All those arrays you’re declaring are probably going on the stack. If they’re large, it’s possible writing into your arrays is corrupting the stack. I’d recommend moving those arrays outside your function and making them static, as that, in my experience, usually gets variables off the stack.

If you have access to one, I’d highly recommend a debugger, as it’ll make catching stuff like this much easier.