Target MCU with internal voltage regulator

Hi everyone,
I develop my own target board to play with V850E2 microcontroller. It’s have separated power domains with separated regulators (VCC is 5V, regs outputs is 1.5V). I’m interesting to monitor core supply current and may be provide voltage glitch.

MCU has 3 internal regulators and 3 capacitor pins. How to deal with it? Can I place a shunt between REGnC pin and capacitor for current monitoring? Because if I’ll monitor REGnVDD current, than REGnC capacitor will impact to current. But if I’ll release capacitor - regulator can be unstable…
And about glitch: i guesss i need select REGnC as a glitch point, it’s right?

Usually, what we recommend is to ditch the capacitor and instead feed in your own voltage that’s a little higher than the regulator, as we do with the STM32F4 target:

Then you don’t need to worry about the regulator at all.


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Thanks! Didn’t see this target schematic. Really good solution.

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@Nix how did you get on with the glitching on the v850e2?
Managed to read the data?
I am also trying to do the same
I would like to retrieve the immo data
I believe it’s possible
Just need to know how ……