Unable to follow simpleserial AES tutorial


Hi Jean-Pierre

Finaly I’ve been able to program the target and run completely the PA_Intro_1-Firmware_Build_Setup.

To do it I had to disconnect both the MEASURE and GLITCH coax cable (until last experiment I had the MEASURE coax cable connected).

Is it correct or there is something wrong with the Hardware?


That’s great, happy to hear it.
You may have run into a known issue that I’d forgotten about, where the MOSFET used for glitching becomes stuck (see here, here).

Can you check the voltage between the middle pad and either one of the side pads of the glitch port? (should be 3V).

I’m also curious if you’re able to progress further on the tutorials?



Dear Jean-Pierre,

I’ve checked the voltage on glitch port : it is about 60mV so it seems to be good, isn’t it?

In the meantime I’ve discovered that one of the two coax cable is shorted!!!.
Tested again with the good cable connecetd to MEASURE connector and works well.

Is there a way to obtain a working cable (we’ve bought the board via Mouser) eventyually returning the wrong one?

About the tutorials: I’m going on slowly, looking forward for next week end to have some time to go on.

Thank you again


Good catch on the bad cable – that’s the root cause of your problems right there.
Can you message me your email address so I can follow up regarding your bad cable?


Hi Jean-Pierre,

I’m not sure I’ve sent you a message with my email. Can you confirm it?
If not can you give me some info on how to share it with you?