Warning during loading bin files to CW305

Hey all,

This is my very first trial to load a bin file to the FPGA on CW305, to program the bin file into FPGA, I executed the following line,

 target = cw.target(scope, cw.targets.CW305, bsfile= bin_file, fpga_id='100t', force=True) 

where the bsfile is fed with the bin file I want to load. However, it came along with a warning message,

WARNING:ChipWhisperer Target:FPGA Done pin failed to go high, check bitstream is for target device.

How should I deal with this situation?

First, the bsfile and fpga_id arguments are redundant and shouldn’t be used together. fpga_id is used to load our reference target bitfiles, so if you want to load your own bitfile, use bsfile and remove the fpga_id argument.

Second, as per the message, it looks like you may be attempting to load a bitfile which targets a different FPGA? What is the target part in your Vivado project? It must be either 7a100tftg256 or 7a35tftg256, depending on which FPGA is on your CW305 board.


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