H Field Probes, LNA, Differential Probes, and everything else!
#1780 by CrystalHendrickson
Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:10 am
It is just a misconception that real application branding starts only when the app has been successfully launched and published to download from the app store. Successful app developers develop unique plans right in the development phase where they identify key elements that will benefit their app right from the moment it is launched.
The pre-launch phase is very important in a number of ways, where testing and brainstorming further upon key elements and features of app enables to improvise certain things in advance as well as allow you to make important changes to factors that will have a direct impact on the app conversion rate. When it comes to branding an app before its launch then social media is considered to be one of the most effective mediums to get your target audience involved before they download it. There are many cases where app providers engaged their users by asking them for suitable titles, logos and many other value added features that might be demanded in the future.

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