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#1785 by jmichel
Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:06 am

I bought an STM32F415RGT6 chip that I soldered on a blank STM32F target board.
When I compile the firmware for this target it works even though I have to go through OpenOCD as the STM32 programmer gives me an exception while programming (it goes in bootloader mode but fails later) and I can capture without any error. So the board seems to work.
But when I look at the code, it uses TinyAES128 implementation and not the hardware acceleration. Any one experienced in using the STM32F CRYP accelerator?
At the moment I created a new target CW308T_STM32F415 which sets the HWCRYPTO flag with stm32f4 HAL and I added in stm32f4_hal.c the 3 required functions (HW_AES128_Init, HW_AES128_LoadKey and HW_AES128_Enc). But the code I put doesn't work (Init function reboots the CPU).

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