Discussions on Python software that powers the ChipWhisperer system
#1781 by LaurieNg
Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:45 am
Nowadays, cloud computing and backup are already well recognized for reshaping today’s technologically advanced world by featuring its various advantages and benefits to the domain of information technology. Over a very short period of time cloud platform gained a concrete and proven track record for bringing unpredicted possibilities to the global industry of software and applications development.
Cloud computing has gained utmost importance in terms of delivering end users a highly centralized, secure, reliable and fast medium of data transfer that was not at all possible a few years ago. Moreover, it has helped a lot in regard of featuring virtual data storage space by some of the top recognized cloud data storage services providers.
If we specifically look in to the area of mobile apps development and the entire industry then cloud computing has emerged as the founding pillar for most of the applications. According to a leading android app development USA based group of experts, now cloud storage backed apps allows users to directly store their app data over a cloud space that is considered to be a virtual storage that cab be accesses from anywhere and anytime around the world.

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