1.2 volt


I have CW lite and I was wondering what It would take to perform attacks at 1.2v (or 5 for that matter).
Most (all?) external pins are driven by the FPGA that is 1.2 capable. Would it be enough to reconfigure the pins on that bank? If not would it not be nice to be able to change the voltage using I/O buffer like the Papilio 16-bit I/O Buffer Wing?



The “easiest” way is using a voltage shifter - we have the “advanced breakout board” for that exact purpose (it can drive down to 1.2V).

The PCB actually has a provision to run the VCCIO at a lower level though, you may have noticed. JP5 lets you route the VCCIO for the bank connecting to the target to the VREF pin, or you could jumper in 1.2V. It’s not technically supported usage as it would be very easy to damage something, but if you are comfortable making that change it would be the lowest-cost way!

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