About CW308T: Stand-Alone Usage

Hi, I am now trying to use CW308T-STM32F3 in a stand-alone way with my own oscilloscope, and I want my stm32f3 working at 24MHz. I set the settings like the example in here except for X1 Crystal Socket : https://wiki.newae.com/CW308T:Stand-Alone_Simple_Serial_Example(AVR_or_XMEGA).

If I want to have my stm32f3 working as expected, is that right that I plug a 24MHz Crystal only and I can use the hal function provided by STM for communication?And I don’t need to set the parameters for scope (like scope.clock), right?


Yes; just make sure your particular target supports that clock frequency.
scope is the ChipWhisperer capture device (e.g. CW-lite), so you are correct that you won’t make any scope.* calls.


That’s great! Thank you so much!