About trouble Installing Lascar

Hello expert:
I have install the ChipWhisperer5.6.4 in Windows platform, when I runing the “SOLN_Lab 1_1B - Resychronizing Traces with Dynamic Time Warp” I get the response “Unable to import LASCAR” and “NameError: name ‘Container’ is not defined”
I have install the lascar using below three commandes in "ChipWhisperer Bash "
1. git clone GitHub - Ledger-Donjon/lascar: Ledger's Advanced Side-Channel Analysis Repository
2. cd lascar
3. python setup.py install --user

    After install the Lascar, I have close the JupyterNoteBook and restart it, But when rerun the SOLN_LAB 1_1B I get the two error
             1. Unable to import LASCAR
             2. NameError: name 'Container' is not defined

    Could you help me to solve this problem?



Try running pip install . in the LASCAR directory instead.


Hello Alex_Dewar:
Thank you very much for your response.

     Now I have solved this problem by below stepes:
     1.Modify some Lascar lib what using comb of math to math.comb
     2. Install the sklean lib by "pip install -U scikit-learn"


need to modify two files in the “\ChipWhisperer5_64\cw\home\portable\WPxxx-yyyy\python-3.7.7.amd64\Lib\site-packages\lascar\engine” directory

  1. lra_engine.py
  2. ttest_engine.py

both two files need to uncommit below line
#from math import comb