Adding missing STM32 targets

Xello NewAE Peoples,

According to the STMicroelectonics 32-bit Arm Cortex MCUs Table:

There are other MCUs that are not covered in the file:

If, for example, I wanted to add STM32G4’s. Would the sole modification to the file, be:

class STM32G4x1x(object):
signature = 0x123
name = “STM32G4x1x(6/8/B/C/E)”

supported_stm32f = [STM32F03xx4(), STM32F04xxx(), STM32F071(), STM32F10xxx_LD(), STM32F10xxx_MD(), STM32F10xxx_HD(), STM32F10xxx_XL(), STM32F10xxx_MDV(), STM32F10xxx_HDV(), STM32F2(), STM32F303cBC(), STM32F40xxx(), STM32L56xxx(), STM32G4x1x()]

OR, are there also other considerations that I am overlooking?

Thank you, Peoples


Assuming the bootloader on that device functions the same, I believe that’s all that should be needed.


Thankses, Alex. I will make attempts and return.