Advice about Signal Processing Topics

I’m new to the SCA, what statistical and digital signal processing topics do you recommend me to study ?
Recommended bibliography is very appreciated :slight_smile:
Thanks very much

H Alejandro,

Again sorry on the slow response (see other thread!). The ‘Power Analysis Attacks’ book is probably the best all-around, by Mangard et al. There is also the book ‘Cryptographic Engineering’ which has some useful chapters, although you might be able to get an e-book version via your school…

Otherwise you can see books that are actually targeted towards communications electronics is a great resource. Many of the statistics, noise, processing etc has been explored in communications electronics for many years now.

For digital communication: I’m not sure of the best resource, but you should find a lot more detail on that! MIT has an open course which has a book associated even (



ask, because during measurments in the SAKURA-G board at the amplifier output, the signals has a component at 48 MHz, that is expected, but have another component, even stronger that the leader of about 4-5 MHz.
I verified it with two different algorithms running on the FPGA and the result was the same.
What is the reason of the existence of this frequency component ?