AES attack with the Level 1 Starter Kit (SCAPACK-L1)


I am an apprentice engineer, currently on a research paper on cybersecurity, (a new topic for me).

In my experience I am willing to perform an AES attack with the Level 1 Starter Kit (SCAPACK-L1).

Unfortunately, I do not know how to process it.

I have successfully install the ChipWhisperer Software following the Windows Bundled Installer step on your official ChipWhisperer documentation. (see attached photos)

What is the next steps please ?

I didn’t found any recent tutoriel that show how to launch the ChipWhisperer Capture software (seen in the DataSheet) to perform an AES attacks on windows 10 as operating system.

Thank you so much for your help!

Best Regards

If you’ve complete the installation as prescribed here, the next step is to start Jupyter, which I see you’ve done; navigate to jupyter/courses/sca101/ and start going through the labs in numerical order.

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Thank you so much for your quick reply !
Here is a capture of the Labs step, so I need to follow

Do you mean that a step cannot be executed independently and that I should follow step by step the Lab from the Lab 0 to the end, Lab 6_4 ?

Thanks once more :smiley:

The labs are generally independent of one another, but if you skip ahead you may find it difficult. Most labs require you to figure some things out by yourself (not all answers are provided). Doing the labs in order maximizes chances of success :wink:

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Perfect! Yes I am a beginner on it so I think it’s a good idea :slightly_smiling_face: