Analysing traces of any format


How do I convert traces obtained from different website to the format that can be analysed by the Chipwhisperer tool? The conversion of csv files to npy files can be done but how do I go about the creation of config files etc.?



Your best bet would probably be to manually create the configuration files. You can find the necessary information for doing this here. Bascially:

  • Make a .cwp file like as specified in the file format link
  • Make a .cfg file that gives the prefix of your trace, key, text, etc. files
  • Rename your trace, key, text, etc. files so that they match the prefixsuffix format as in the link



Thank you Alex. But do you have any idea how I should proceed if I have a single file in csv format?



You’ll need to pull your plaintext/ciphertext (whichever you need) and traces out of the csv file and put them into numpy arrays.




I have done the steps stated above but I’m getting an error saying Trace set config file doesn’t exist, although the config file is present in the path stated. Could you help me out with this?

Thank you.



I’ve attached a .zip of a project file. Can you replace the .numpy files with the ones from your project and update the numTraces and numPoints fields in the .cfg file and see if that works?

Alex (395.3 KB)