ASIC Design for CW308T-GENERIC

I am about to design an ASIC AES-128 and use CW308T-GENERIC as PCB board. It is expected to use the 20-pin connector of CW1173 ChipWhisperer-Lite to connect the CW308 UFO to control the circuit.
I want to know the equivalent load capacitance and resistance of each IO Pin so that the tools can simulate the output load and input driving capabilities. I can only find the schematic of two boards, but not sure the detailed number on each pin.

Is there any documentation to let me know the detailed number(Ω,pF,nF,µF,F)?

Thank You For Your Help!


I don’t think we have these numbers handy. For CW-Lite you can find the PCB design files here: chipwhisperer/hardware/capture/chipwhisperer-lite/pcb at develop · newaetech/chipwhisperer · GitHub

You could also look at one of our common targets (e.g. CW308T-STM32F - NewAE Hardware Product Documentation) and choose similar capabilities for your own I/Os.