AttributeError: 'GlitchResults' object has no attribute result_dict

Hi, I want to use the ‘GlitchResults’ to save the result of my fault injection attack. I added this line:
gr = glitch.GlitchResults(groups=["success", "reset", "normal"], parameters=["width", "offset", "delay"])
And for adding items to this, I’m using these:

gr.add("reset", (scope.glitch.width, scope.glitch.offset, scope.glitch.ext_offset))
gr.add("normal", (scope.glitch.width, scope.glitch.offset, scope.glitch.ext_offset))
gr.add("success", (scope.glitch.width, scope.glitch.offset, scope.glitch.ext_offset))
print("| Number of success:", len(gr.result_dict["success"]))
print("| Number of normal:", len(gr.result_dict["normal"]))print("| Number of reset:", len(gr.result_dict["reset"]))total = len(gr.result_dict["success"]) + len(gr.result_dict["normal"]) + len(gr.result_dict["reset"])print("| Total             :", total)ratio = len(gr.result_dict["success"]) * 100 / totalprint("| Ratio of success  : {:.2f} %".format(ratio))

But every time I receive this error and I don’t know how to fix it, thank you in advance for your help.
I also attempted to print the result using gc, but received the same error.

Cell In[50], line 56, in save_data()
 52 print("| Step : ", step)
 55 print("\nResults :")
---> 56 print("| Number of success :", len(gr.result_dict["success"]))
 57 print("| Number of normal :", len(gr.result_dict["normal"]))
 58 print("| Number of reset :", len(gr.result_dict["reset"]))
AttributeError: 'GlitchResults' object has no attribute 'result_dict'

Because neither GlitchResults nor GlitchController have a result_dict property.
If you go through our fault101 courses, you’ll learn how the glitch controller is meant to be used.