Breaking DES tutorial


I have a question. Is it still somehow possible to do Tutorial B5-2 Breaking DES on jupyter? Thanks.

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Hi Jax,

The important python bits do in fact run (CPA will run with a DES sbox with appropriate key/text lengths), but the DES tutorial is pretty old so I can’t confirm functionality on a bunch of stuff as of yet. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to run through and test everything, but if you want to try running through the attack on your own, the following info should be helpful:

  • The firmware may or may not compile, but a hex file is present in simpleserial-des (which should work, but I haven’t tested)
  • You’ll need to recreate cw.capture_trace() for the different key length since it currently expects everything to be 16 bytes long (the function can be found in software/chipwhisperer/
  • You can get the appropriate leakage model the same way as


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Awesome! Thanks.

I just connected Not Arduino to CW lite and while I was running firmware build setup I got this error:

Do you know how to fix it? Thank you.

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