Build my own Chipwhisperer


I’m trying to build my own chipwhipserer. I’m now at the point where I want to solder the board (Rev2, 11Mar2014). I want to use the on board OpenADC. So now I have the problem that in the Eagle files L9, L2, L6 and L5 are 120nH inductors during on the assembly manual of the OpenADC there are just ferrit beads. What should I use now ? The OpenADC info is older, but is the Chipwhisperer info really more recent ?


Hi Krater,

It’s not too critical - the actual assembly is done with ferrite beads (FB), 1K beads are used (Digikey P/N 587-1739-1-ND) as my usual go-to. But if you’ve got inductors just mount them and it should work fine as well.

Warm Regards,