Cannot install chipwhisperer 5.5

I used the windows installer to install ChipWhisperer 5.5 from this page:

But it failed in the middle because of this error: Capture
If I skip this file then it happens on another one.

I tried to install ChipWhisperer 5.4 with the windows installer and it was a success.
So I don’t know what changed between the two versions, but latest one doesn’t want to be installed on my machine.

Is there a problem on my machine or in the installer ?



We think this might be a Windows path length issue. ChipWhisperer’s got some pretty deep paths, and Windows can sometimes have a hard time if the path length (C:\Users\....) is too long.

You can safely skip these files - they’re just source code for the Lite’s SAM3U, which non-developers won’t have to compile code for.



Thanks for the answer, I’ll skip the files then.