Cant connect vm jupyter

I have installed virtualbox6.1 (and extensions) in windows7 and loaded the image chipwhisperer jupyter 5-1-3. After start of image I have 2 options Debian GNU, linux or Advanced options.
If I use the default option the debian 9 stretch tty1 start. Thereafter I use the default stretch login vagrant giving output 3.6.7/envs_cw vagrant@stretch.No questions about a necessary password change are given.
Should I now be able to connect to this VM from my windows7 chrome with localhost:8888 or should I do something more? I cant access any webpage at all! What settings are correct for my VM in order to enable connection from windows7 chrome using localhost:8888? Also how can I change to the correct keyboard settings?



You do still need to set a password for Jupyter itself (the VM password here is something different). To do this, log in to the VM and run the following:

$ jupyter notebook password

You should be prompted to set a password. Once you set this password, reboot the VM. Once it finishes booting, you should now be able to access Jupyter at localhost:8888.

Let me know if that works for you.