Can't make VCC glitches work with CW1173+CW308 after hundreds of attempts, strangely works on Nano

I see the same question was posted few times, but there was never a good answer.

Tried on XMEGA and STM32F3 targets, even played with the voltage settings on UFO board.

I can do fairly very successful CLK glitches, but even after hundreds of attempts and tweaking values I couldn’t get the VCC glitch working on CW1173 even once.

Tried both CW4 (A3 VCC Glitch Attacks) and CW5 (Fault_2/Fault_3), no luck. I can see the glitches inserted when measured in CW4, but best I got was MCU reset.

Strangely the CW Nano with STM32F0 worked like on the first or second try.