Captures about DPAContest v4.2

Hello, Colin!
I’m new at side channel attack and interested in the AES-128 RSM introduced at DPAContest v4.2, I wanna use the chipwhisperer software to perform some attacks on it, mainly to test if it could resist DPA and second-order DPA, could you add the capture traces to “Example Captures” on wiki page? Thanks!

Some questions about the “Software AES Implementations”, mainly on the efficiency of AES-128 RSM, since it is implemented using assembly language, is the encryption speed much more faster than other C-language version such as AES-256 RSM when you perform the same number of captures? How can we judge the efficiency of one implementation? Time, RAM consumption or other factor? Is there a recognized standard to use AES in smart card in order to be more practical?

Thanks for any info!


I’m actually waiting on an updated firmware image for the DPAContestv4.2 - the source code posted had a bug in it (described on the page at There was supposed to be updated sources which I don’t see yet, but might contact them again…

I’m not sure w.r.t standards for AES - depends what you want basically! Sometimes you need speed, sometimes you want the lowest FLASH usage, sometimes the lowest RAM usage. There is some examples of three different implementations at which show you some of these trade-offs.



Hi! Thanks for giving us the examples of three different implementations. They show us some of those trade-offs.